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A B email only
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any time
100 300 50
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pop email
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1-year price 113.00 173.00 18.00
BEST CHOICE !   hosting & complete account management
Question:  OK, now what? Once I've decided on how much space and bandwidth I need, who manages all of this for me at work or home?

Answer: We can do it -- for a very small price.  You've just hired your webmaster! Everything you need to have managed for your domain will be a phone call or email away. Just give us your web-ready design in any format your author uses and we'll put it on the server.
the bottom line... 35 cents a day for your own domain, hosting and website management by DataPort360 !
Hosting, domain and webmaster... all for about 31 cents per day
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Would you like an email address with a name you can choose?
Like mary@marysworld.com or bob@superbob.com ?
Feel Good !
* no lock-ins    
* no charges that are not listed on this page    
* no hidden contract terms
* no forced ads or banners, nor taglines in your email
Are you tired of all the techno-babble? Let's get right to the point.
Price, service and trust in your hosting provider.
Price - one of the lowest you will find and still have a good feeling that you are not being hosted by some novice. See the chart to the right.

Service -
We back up promise with action and a simple guarantee. If you are not pleased, tell us. You may cancel at any time without any penalty and any money you have paid ahead will be refunded without exception.

Trust -
You are probably at this website because someone suggested it to you, or you talked to us personally. We don't look for customers by advertising on search engines; that would drive up your price. We have not installed a credit card processor on this page for the same reason. We don't try to compete with the cut-rate prices (because that usually means cut-rate quality of service).
What a bargain...  If you have a simple website, you can hire a webmaster and find space for your pages for less than $10 dollars per month. Add the domain for another $13 per year and see the bottom line.......
try it for 30 days. if you’re not pleased, there is no charge except for the domain you purchased
note: This is managed hosting only. There are no provisions for you to manage your own domain and no control panel. We have tailored these services for those too busy or not interested in managing their own websites and email.

We are proficient and experienced and will do this for you.
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